Cougar Roots CoverThe University of Houston American Roots Ensemble - Cougar Roots - Vol. 1
The UH Cougar Roots ensemble founded and directed by Garreth Broesche performs American traditional music, ie. Blues, Folk, Swing, Country, and Blue Grass. they recorded their first compilation at Beebe Gunn featuring all acoustic instruments and playing live with only a couple of overdubs as a result of scheduling issues.
People and PlacesHoneyboy Nelson - People and Places
Honeyboy Nelson's debut full length record features twelve songs about travelling around the world. Singer-songwriter Kent Nelson's unique approach to song construction and often humerous lyrics combine for a fun and sometimes touching collection of Americana songs.
EntierroWrinkle Neck Mules - Entierro
Entierro is a digital-only song series. All of the songs in the series are covers of songs by deceased musicians whose music influenced WNM. Each release day will coincide with the anniversary of the particular musician’s passing. Several songs were tracked at Beebe Gunn.
ThrillThrill - Drinking From the Primordial Soup
Their first full-length CD, “Drinking from the Primordial Soup,” includes nine original songs, plus an unforgettable cover of the Dead Boys’ “Sonic Reducer.” THRILL delivers a power punk set of songs to keep the mosh pit thumping. Guitarist Jake Smith leads the charge with dominant force, backed by co-vocalist and drummer Evan Escalante driving the beat, and bassist Eric Vuong completing the sound.
Get HappyGet Happy Elvis Costello Tribute
A Group of Houston and Austin musicians including Allen Hill, Eric C Hughes, David Beebe, Landis Armstrong, and Jim Henkel got together to learn, perform, and record thirty-one Elvis Costello songs in honor of Eva Radke's birthday. They played three shows and put out this limited release record.
In My LifeLisa Pulliam - In My Life
Lisa had always had a dream of being a singer having sung in church and at weddings, and thanks to her loving husband Cliff (RIP), she got her chance. Paul played all of the music for Lisa to sing over on this ten song record made for the love of music as a gift from a husband to his wife.
Cosmonada Grand Old GrizzlyGrand Old Grizzly - Cosmonada - Grand Old Grizzly {Self-titled debut}
The band's second release, Cosmonada, has earned excellent reviews for the Houston-based Americana act. Having developed into a cohesive unit, the album showcases excellent songwriting and musicianship.

The self-titled debut is full of alcohol soaked tales of the road, lovers past, and desert encounters. Originally recorded as lead singer Will Thomas's solo record, the band formed out of the recording.
Hilltop SisterThunderado - Hilltop Sister
The third release from this Houston/Los Angeles based trio was recorded entirely at Beebe Gunn and mixed by Grammy award winner Steve Christensen. A mixture of Texas blues and rock makes this a down home dirty record.
Everybocy Wants to Go to HeavenCHangoman - Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
Fusing Mexican influences and American rock has been the staple of bandleader Tino Ortega's style and CHangoman delivers with cumbia beats, rock beats, lyrics in Spanish and English, horns, and ripping guitars that spans from traditional cumbia to progressive rock.
285qanda - 285
Lead singer/songwriter Jordi Baizan joins with cowriter and guitar player Andy Zipper on this acoustic folk rock album, while also bringing a full band into the picture. Nominated for several Houston Press Music Awards, qanda (pronounced Q and A) has established itself as one of the premiere acoustic acts in Houston.
12The Small SoundsThe Small Sounds - 12 - The Small Sounds {Self-titled debut}
The Small Sounds first full length release (self-titled), a mellow collection of acoustic, steel and organ driven songs, garnered significant respect in the indepedent music community making them a regular performer at Free Press Summer Fest.

Their follow-up "12" took the band in a more indie rock direction and despite it being a very good record, the band stopped performing shortly after the release and no significant effort was made to promote it.
I'm Still Here3rd Denial - I'm Still Here
Members of Houston power-punk quintet 3rd Denial recorded "I'm Still Here," their debut single, at the ages of 16 and 17. Despite their young age, this five song EP packs a serious punch of highly developed mature songs and excellent performances. Look for more from these guys!
Mystery Loves CompanyMystery Loves Company - A Mystery Yet Unknown
The combination of acoustic guitar, cello, and clarinet may raise eyebrows, but the result is a surprisingly complete and truly unique sound. Carlos and Maddie's vocals play off each other well and the songs have an unexpected rock feel despite only the occasional electric instrument.
Cameron Elise CoverCameron Elise - This Wave
Cameron is a talented songwriter living in San Marcos and while in town visiting relatives, she stopped in and recorded three of the songs from her six song debut EP at Beebe Gunn.
Psychotic ReactionTalk TalkThe Allen Oldies Band - Psychotic Reaction/Talk Talk 45
A double side-A 45rpm record recorded while the studio was under construction and didn't even have doors yet, The Allen Oldies Band brings two obscure 60's rockers back to life with crazy energy. Rick Broussard makes a guest appearance on harmonica.
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