Rates - Mon-Fri 8am-6pm - $45hr; Nights & Weekends - $60hr. Engineer included in rate. Large project rates are also negotiable.

Bands - The studio has the capability to record your band piece by piece (one instrument at a time), or as a full band live. There is a large vocal isolation booth (large enough for the piano), as well as other space in which to isolate amplifiers to maintain good seperation while keeping a live feel.

Individuals - Whether you would like to record yourself singing and playing guitar, or you want to have a band back you up, either can easily be accomplished. Paul can arrange and play background music for your project in only a few short hours with professional results.

Mixing - Paul has extensive experience mixing projects recorded at Beebe Gunn and elsewhere and uses outboard compressors, EQs, and reverb units as well as plugins.

Businesses - Paul can create unique music for your business in any number of styles with a fast turn around and professional results. He can record new versions of prexisting songs, create "sound-alikes", or create atmospheric background music for anything you need. Prices vary based on size and scope of the project. Please contact Paul for more information.

Transfers - Anything recorded at Beebe Gunn can easily be transferred to any other digital recording system. For example, if you are recording a project at home, but need to record the drums here, no problem. Transfers can usually be done in less than an hour.

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About Paul Beebe

Paul Beebe has been recording since 2003 and has been offering his services to others since 2005. Beebe Gunn Studio has grown from a computer desk in a bedroom to the facility that it is today through countless hours of trial and error, research, and the eventual accumulation of more and better recording gear.

Paul has a BA in Music Theory from Tulane University in New Orleans, and is a talented musician on several instruments including drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. He currently plays in six bands and has played in many others in the past, having made a living as a musician since 2000. He is also a very capable arranger, having played many different styles of music over the years. His playing, singing, and arranging skills, if needed or desired, are included in the hourly rates.

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