Trish Cramblet Trish Cramblet & the Bad Habits

Paul has worked with Trish Cramblet on several records helping her make the move from casual hobbyist to better venues opening for well known touring acts. With Paul's help and more experience, her songwriting has developed to a professional level as has her overall sound. Look for "The Margins" and "Supernova" on all platforms.
Allen Hill Allen Hill

The High Priest of the Oldies, Allen Hill, has stepped out of his element he's becaome so well known for and has gone all over the map with original material.
Titans of Soul
Titans of Soul

Bob Dzik rallied these young talented players to play with him and develop their own sound. Fresh on the Houston musci scene, look out for them coming soon
Titans of SoulThe Trio

First formed in the 60's in high school, the Trio has performed on and off for the last 50+ years and finally recorded their first record of folk hits. Look for "Never Say Never" to be released on all platforms in December of 2023.

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