Recording Services

Titans of Soul For Bands

Beebe Gunn has the capability to record your band one instrument at a time or as a full band live. There is a vocal isolation booth that is large enough for a single singer, a group of singers, or our piano. We can create space to isolate amplifiers or other instruments in order to maintain separation for later mixing while also keeping a live feel. We have specialty microphones that will make each piece of your band sound great.
Titans of Soul
For Individuals

Whether you would like to record yourself singing and playing guitar or piano, or you want to have a band back you up, either can easily be accomplished. Paul can arrange and play background music for your project in only a few hours with professional results.
Titans of Soul
Mixing and Mastering

Paul has extensive experience mixing and mastering projects recorded at Beebe Gunn and elsewhere. He uses state-of-the-art outboard compressors, EQs, and reverb units as well as digital plugins in order to achieve the sound you are after.
Titans of Soul
Commercial Music

Paul can create unique music for your business in any number of styles with a fast turn around and professional results. He can record new versions of prexisting songs, create “sound-alikes”, or create atmospheric background music for anything you need. Prices vary based on size and scope of the project.
Titans of Soul

Anything recorded at Beebe Gunn can easily be transferred to any other digital recording system, and vice-versa.
For example, perhaps you have recording a project at home but would like to add drums… Or perhaps you have recorded backing tracks elsewhere but would like to use our sublime Telefunken vocal mic… No problem!
Transfers can usually be done in less than an hour.
Titans of Soul
Studio Rates

Rates vary based on the several factors but we are confident that you will find our rates affordable. Please contact Paul to discuss your project. We will find a way to stay within your budget no matter how big or small.

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